Lavender & Wine Restaurant

Combining all the senses with the atmosphere of lavender and BIO wines of the Víno Marcinčák winery.
We have prepared the comfortable spaces of our newly reconstructed tasting room BIO winery Víno Marcinčák and restaurant for private corporate events, events, family celebrations and events, christenings, weddings, etc.
Lavender & Wine Restaurant is closed for normal daily operation.
Advance reservations only required for events and family gatherings of 15 people or more.
Contact us to request a private family celebration or event, wedding, event:,

Our Lavender & Wine Restaurant is renowned for its delicious food and great wine.

We prepare the menu only from fresh ingredients, which we use according to the season.

We use herbs that we grow ourselves in the hotel garden.

We use other ingredients from our family farm in Novosedly, which supplies us with roosters, chickens, geese and fresh eggs every day, not only for an excellent hotel breakfast.

You can taste apricots from the orchard in our apricot jam cooked with lavender. You have to taste it at the breakfast!

Lavender is the scent of the entire hotel and kitchen.

Lavender & Wine Restaurant is divided into three parts:
The main restaurant 30 seats, which also includes a tasting room of BIO winery Víno Marcinčák, Lavender Lounge 18 seats and Restaurant in the garden 32 seats.

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